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erinsmith808Erin Smith
🎤 Singer / 🛍 Fashion columnist / 🎸Guitarist /🌶 Writer & stylist / 🕶Vocal Coach / 🦄 Eyoncé. Download free song from new album American Boy, click link!
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A Note From Erin

This album to me is about being a woman in our modern times, about change, about women’s roles in the lives of the people they love, and about being fiercely you, through all adversity” Smith enthusiastically explains. ”Women play so many roles, lovers, sisters, mothers, wives, girlfriends, confidantes, fill households with love, and provide femininity for the men in their lives. But we are also independent, hardworking, loyal, fun, loving and true. This album to me is about change, hope, balance and a big life full of triumphs and mistakes. It’s about loving yourself through it all.”

“The title track “American Boys” is about taking the steps necessary for yourself, while remaining loyal to those you love in your life. It’s about putting yourself first. As they say, you can’t take care of those around you, unless you are being the best YOU possible.”